Missing Persons and Locate

Y.C.I.P.D Investigation Agency provides fast and accurate locating service for people search. Our searching areas including Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China areas. Clients will only need to provide us the right information, then we can track the GPS location by smartphones, and also traffic records, hotel records and immigration information.

The most important thing for people tracing is to act at the right moment, the sooner you start the more you are likely to succeed!

Many people do not grasp the important information towards people tracing and miss the best opportunity to take actions, eventually wasting their time and money.

Do you want to find your first crush? Fugitive debtors? Runaway partner or children?


Or other kinds of reasons that need tracing service?

Y.C.I.P.D Tracing Service Department specialize in providing tracing services. No matter it’s your first love, old neighbours, friends, runaway husbands or wife, debtor etc. We can provide you professional and efficient tracing service!