Marriage Reconciliation

Why will there be problems between marriage? We have to first understand why two people will be together in the perspective of economics – supply and demand. Then, we may throw back to the past and understand the reasons why they are being together, in which we may reflect and see if there are any specific reasons that causes gradual alienation of affections.

Let’s first understand the simple theory – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This indicates that individual needs, desires, impulses and external environments are interrelated. These needs are from instincts. It is not only about physical, but also psychological satisfaction. Unless there are external rules and regulations to suppress the needs, or else it’s easy for people to fall into temptations. According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, human needs are in levels. After low-level of needs are met, people will go for higher-level of needs. At that time, the higher-level of needs will become goals to achieve self-actualization.

Hong Kong’s divorce rate has been increasing in recent years. Social Studies in University has pointed out that gender equality is now a common concept in Hong Kong. Among universities, performance of female students is similar with male students, salary entry point is similar as well. Given the condition that female can support themselves and be independent, using the traditional patriarchy way to manage the family will cause instability in relationships.

Due to social and economic pressure, poor communications, temptations around and the “new” concept of marriage, marriage has become more fragile. For example, the divorce rate is constantly high in Taiwan. When it comes to divorce, there are lots of unsolved problems that are needed to be handled, including property distribution and child custody decisions.

Are you encountering tricky divorce issue? Not knowing how to divorce? Want to get rid of the marriage nightmare?