Marriage investigation

Y.C.I.P.D Private Investigation Agency provides marital surveillance service and legal advice to solve your extramarital affairs issue. Have you ever worried about your own rights after finding out the truth? Or lack of legal knowledge when facing the problem? Or are you in need of actual evidence to take legal actions (i.e. photos or videos)?

Let us help you to face and solve the problem! Many people may not have the courage to confront with their partner about the affair simply because of the complex legal procedures. Our job is to help you gather evidence and handle all the legal procedures. Ycipd does not only have professional investigators, but also professionals in legal solutions and lawyers’ opinions to solve your legal issue!

Y.C.I.P.D Investigation Agency is experienced in gathering adultery case evidence and providing legal services. When you find out your partner is cheating, we can help you to solve the problem!

Proof of Extramarital Affairs – Investigation on affairs and evidence gathering for cheating.

When you suspect your husband or wife is cheating, the most effective way to stop your worries is to find us to investigate on it. After the case is assigned to us, we will gather evidence and background information based on your request. Normally, over 98% of our clients actually find out their partner cheating when they have suspicion.

Therefore, when Y.C.I.P.D accepts any cases, we will first have a consultation meeting with client. Then, we will provide a detailed investigation plan. After both parties agree to the timeline of evidence search, content and targeted information, a contract will be signed by both parties to ensure everything is organized. After contract sign-off, we will start our work based on the schedule in the contract.

Extra Marital affairs investigation is not only about tracing, some other work on evidence collections is also important, including photography and videos evidence during work, social and daily life. We aim to give our clients the most accurate and effective updates – and it’s also the motto of our professional service.