Teenager Surveillance investigation

Y.C.I.P.D Investigation Agency understands your children in puberty, most of your children are having struggles between dreams and reality. They question about authority, especially those in family and school. When they are facing something intolerable, it is easy for them to escape from the reality, even runaway from home.

Y.C.I.P.D Investigation Agency takes teenage problem seriously. We hope to help parents to know more about the process of their child’s growth, what friends or groups are they with. We will get information needed by tracing, or even smartphones.

Comparison is common among teenagers. Even if there’s no comparison explicitly, it is common for them to feel inferior sometimes. No matter it’s an implicit feelings or other reasons caused by peer isolation, it will cause depression and helplessness. As too much water drowned the miller, materialistic desires and revenge mentality will become stronger from time to time. Given the existing family condition, he/she will try to find some alternatives to satisfy their desires, even the alternatives are not approved by social conventions, or even illegal. When they want to turn back, it will be too late. They may indulge in the thrill of excitements and the next time you see them will be probably in rehab or court.

Teenagers who are stressed over money will be vulnerable to the temptations. The followings are some illegal behaviors that runaway teenagers may have:

  1. Drug trafficking
  2. Prostitution and other related industries
  3. Looking for sugar daddy
  4. Stealing cars or illegal car racing
  5. Blackmailing
  6. Fraud