Counter Surveillance

Y.C.I.P.D Investigation Agency provides counter surveillance services. We have introduced counter surveillance equipments from America and we can effectively find out the location of people who are spying on you to protect your privacy.

Additionally, Y.C.I.P.D Investigation Agency provides counter tracing services. Not only finding out whether you are under watched, but also finding out the person who are following you to solve your worries.

Tips on Counter Surveillance

:::“How to stay away from pinhole?”:::
Are you afraid that pinhole cameras will be around? Pinhole camera will usually place in different places. From empty house unit to a whole-package suite, or even hotels and spa, these are all common places to find pinhole cameras. The below guide is to teach you how to stay alert and prevent yourself to be exposed under the pinhole cameras.

◎Socket Hole? Mirror? Keyhole? Fragrance? Be careful! Pinhole may be around!

When you are going to take over a new unit, what areas should you pay special attention to?
All socket holes, mirrors, fire detectors, lampholders, ceilings, keyholes, air-cons, telephone (possibly eavesdropped) and the top of wardrobe, and be aware of the presence of suspicious cables around your living place.

◎Hostels, hotels – what areas should you pay special attention to?
Usually everything will be nice and ready in hotels, therefore, lots of places can be possibly with pinhole. Including hair dryers, emergency lights, lampshades, ceilings, clocks, make-up mirrors, air-cons, bins, vases, fragrances, wall paintings, keyhole, sockets, television, etc., especially bed-facing equipments and furnishings. Inspect carefully, as most pinholes will point towards the bed.

◎When using public toilets in department stores and other places of entertainment, what areas should you pay special attention to?
Pay special attention to the bins! In the past, criminals placed the pinhole camera in some snack packagings in the bin. Many victims are “exposed” without knowing. Therefore, be aware and see if there are any suspicious items in the bin.