Case Study

The right method of investigation can save your money and time, find out the truth that you have long suspected.
Each client grasps different evidence, and the investigative plan will be adjusted based on the actual situation and price. It is recommended for clients to make a call to our company for a basic enquiry and quotation, we will then clearly explain the method of investigation, effect and price plan.

General extramarital affairs

Situation: Our client found her husband often OT and out on holidays, but he denies

Goal: Obtain the evidence of extramarital affair

Effect: Confrontation, Spousal support

Cost: HKD$8000-$15000

Since our client’s husband has the habit of driving, we installed a locator and audio monitor in the car. After observing for a week, we learned that her husband did not have OT. By tracking the path he drove, we knew the working place and address of the mistress. The audio monitor also allowed the mistress to learn about the existence of the wife, and knew that they intended to build another love nest. The wife could grasp the recording evidence and use it as a confrontation, the follow-up actions would be relatively easy and efficient.

Extramarital affairs in Mainland

Scenario: Suspicious WeChat account or Mainland mobile phone number found on husband’s mobile phone

Goal: Investigate the basic information of the mistress based on her mobile phone number, and obtain proof of husband’s extramarital affairs

Effect: Confrontation, Share of property, Prevent family wealth from being shared by the Mainland mistress

Cost: HKD $15000-$25000

Our client discovered an unknown call from her husband’s mobile phone. After telling us the number, our mainland investigator found out the information (including name, address, photo, etc.) of the registrant, and found that there were two children registered under the same household registration. The registered surname of the child was the same as that of the woman, and the photo was also similar to that of the husband. There was a high probability that it was an illegitimate child of his husband. We followed the husband back to the mainland, and photographed the moments that the family shared. After finding out the truth, our client immediately transferred the property to avoid the family wealth from being shared by the Mainland mistress.

Travel Boyfriend

Situation: Our client’s boyfriend said that he would travel to Japan for 5 days, our client suspected it was a trip with the other woman

Goal: Take pictures of them entering and leaving the hotel together / dating evidence

Effect: Confrontation with evidence

Cost: HKD$32000-$45000

Our client got her boyfriend’s flight and hotel information, we arrived at the scene one day in advance, arranged the rental vehicles and local transportation tickets to trace them. We caught the target at the airport and hotel. Since they were already under our surveillance and they almost had no vigilance in foreign places, we can easily capture their check-in moment in the hotel, and also easily capture the evidence of their time together.

Runaway Debtor

Situation: Disappeared after owing money to our client

Objective: Investigate the debtor’s new home and work address

Effect: More convenient to collect debts

Cost: HKD$6000-$12000

The debtor moved to a new place and changed to a new job. Our client gave us the ID number of the debtor and also his family members. We found the debtor’s tenant address from the registration information and sent our team to track the target. With the information of their work address, our client could arrange the debt collection company to collect the money easily.

Work Injury Fraud / Moonlighting

Scenario: Our client’s employee reported that he injured his toe and was unable to move freely, and kept reporting work-related injuries with a doctor’s paper, our client suspected that might be a fraud

Goal: To take pictures of employees having another job during the work injury period / activities that does not match with the injured position

Effect: Stop employee fraud and dismissal with evidence

Cost: HKD$6000-$8000

Our client had the employee’s registered address and photos, and we sent investigators to wait nearby. Since the time of activities was unpredictable, we arranged our investigator to standby near their places. We followed the target’s daily activities and filmed the target when he ‘chased the bus’. The behavior was obviously inconsistent with the information of the reported work injury. Later, it was discovered that the target was working in another warehouse, and the situation was photographed. After obtaining the evidence of fraudulent work injury, the employee’s work injury compensation was immediately ceased.