Intellectual Properties Investigation

Y.C.I.P.D will assist you to collect evidence and protect your interests.

Counterfeiting Investigation: Trademarks, patents, intellectual property, inventions, company products, etc. and other products that are counterfeited or infringed. We will track the loss of goodwill, business opportunities and property damage. Also, we will find out details of the patent infringement, trademark infringement, production company and location tracing for the investigation as well. We will assist you to collect evidence and protect your interests.

The problem of counterfeiting is serious nowadays. In view of this, we have set up a team to follow on this issue and we specialize in investigating the problem of counterfeiting. When we encounter counterfeiting, the documentation of the intellectual property shall be attached, and the person, thing, time and place (i.e. counterfeit products, related parties, location and various counterfeit clues) are needed to be record detailedly. Apart from professional investigation officers, we also have high-tech equipments to collect evidence. After the investigation, the company can choose to do private or public prosecutions. This ensures the intellectual property rights are fully protected.