Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance fraud refers to the illegal acquisition of insurance with the violation of insurance laws and regulations. It is the use of fictitious insurance products, insurance accidents and other methods to obtain large amount of compensation from insurance companies.

Y.C.I.P.D Investigation Agency provides insurance fraud investigation services in Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China regions. Having the appropriate information, we can quickly find out whether employees have made a false claim for work injuries. We find out the truth by making phone calls, tracking traffic records, hotel records and immigration data of their personal journeys. This service will help your company to save high insurance premiums and payroll.

Insurance fraud has the following characteristics:

  1. Insurance fraud is a complex object, namely financial and public property ownership
  2. Insurance fraud is the performance of fictitious facts, truth concealing and insurance cheats. The insurance fraud mainly includes the following five kinds of behavior:
    1. The insured intentionally obtains fraudulent outcome
    2. The insured or the beneficiaries make false claim or exaggerate the extent of loss to obtain fraudulent outcome from insurance process